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IELTS词汇 13 June 2016 22:00:37

名词 动词 形容词 (none, verb, adjective)

production produce productive

analysis analyse

industry industrialize industrial

词与反义词 (words with its opposite)

comedy tragedy

同义词 (synonym), 词义相近,并非百分百同义,写作或者口语中可以替换

important significant critical

good positive promising

disadvantage demerit drawback

enough sufficient


Four kilometers below the waves, at the bottom of the Atlantic, investigators search for the reminds of Air France Flight 447.

228 people are gone.

Air crash investigators face a monumental task. The answers may lie in the wreckage. But finding that evidence will take years.

Air France 447 is crossing the Atlantic ocean,the Airbus A330 is flying an 11-hour direct route to Paris.

58 years old Captain Marc Dubois is in command, he's been a pilot for well over half his life, and now he's one of the most senior captains at Air France.

First officer Pieere-

IELTS Vocabularies 06 June 2016 04:00:29

dimension [dɪ'mɛnʃ(ə)n; daɪ-]

This is to enable to get a feel of your vehicle's dimensions.


Apparently you won't pass your exam.

scissors ['sɪzɚz]

I cannot find my scissors!

anonymous [ə'nɑnəməs]

You can complain that by sending anonymous letters to our mayor.

explicitly [ɪk'splɪsɪtli]

Tell them explicitly you want continue this the friendship.

tortoise [ˈtɔrtəs]

Such a cute tortoise.

exhibition [,ɛksɪ'bɪʃən]

Did you go to the IT exhibition?

significantly [sɪg'nɪfɪkəntli]

They got a significant performance improvement in the testing.

despite [dɪ'spaɪt]

I failed the test despite studying all night.

prohibit [prə'hɪbɪt]

Smoking is prohibited here.

participate [pɑr'tɪsə'pet] participant

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